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Thank you for your interest in our E-Design service! Please fill out the below form so that we can better assist your needs.  Once your form has been submitted, please allow up to 48 hours for an email response from LLL Home Decor. Our email response will contain the terms and conditions of the Design services that we provide along with an estimate of Designer fees according to your questionnaire. * Please note that Designer fees are an estimation "only" and can change depending on final details of design project, room size, and customer needs.


What room(s) are you interested in having E-Designed?

What is your total budget for each room?

What are the measurements of the room(s), including square footage?

What are your biggest challenges with your space?

What word describe's your design style?

What colors would you like to use in the room(s)? Are there certain colors you'd like to avoid?

Thanks for submitting!

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