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Fall Table Scape Ideas!

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

It’s that time of year again "Autumn" when we are waking up to crisp cool mornings and looking forward to warm sunny afternoons!

Happy October 1st everyone! Pheww.. this year is just flying by. I am soooo behind on my decorating. How about you? Believe it or not, I have not changed my table setting since the New Year. I’ve been so busy with the family and my Shop that I haven’t had a moment to change up my decor let alone shop for new items. However... in this post I do want to share with you my favorite looks that I have created throughout the years and a few ideas, tips, and tricks that Ive learned along the way! Next week I'll be sharing my completed Fall 2021 Table scape with you so stick around!

When creating this look I wanted a design that was exactly my style, Rustic with a touch of Glam! I wanted to keep it simple, and affordable, but also make a statement! I chose to incorporate my favorite color "TEAL" into my design! I couldn't find teal pumpkins so I purchased some teal fabric and Dollar Tree pumpkins and created my own!

Pumpkins, pumpkins, and more pumpkins! Guys you can’t go wrong or never have too many pumpkins in your fall design I always say! I love to create a pumpkin tower "if thats the correct". This gives my design some definition and height!

Tips on creating a table scape design:

• Create a focal point in the middle of the table ( preferably a flower arrangement) or a centerpiece of your choice

• Design around your focal point to make your creation symmetrical

• Layer your dinnerware with multiple plates, chargers, bowls, napkins, and place mats for height and interest

• Don’t be afraid to play with different textures and colors!

Candles always add a fun touch ( not to mention they are super affordable)!

• Keep it simple or go all out if you want to, who cares it’s your design!

In this design I used a large candle vessel as my centerpiece. I placed a pumpkin in the middle of all my dinner plates! ( Fun fact: I had extra pumpkins and had no idea what to do with them so decided to place them in the middle of the plates) I still used pumpkins as the main attraction in this design but I also mixed the design up using a fall inspired table runner, lanterns, candles, and a gold leaf spray!

Don’t make it too complicated. Creating a centerpiece shouldn’t be a stressful decision. Pick what you love not what someone else has. Don’t use pumpkins if you hate pumpkins.

You may not like anything I’m mentioning here but maybe I can give you an idea of what you won’t buy so you don’t waste your time and Hey that’s a win-win if you ask me!

Hopefully you do like one thing on my list!

More Centerpiece ideas I absolutely love are:

• Floating Candle Centerpieces

• Flowers in bottles

• Spray painted Metallic bottles

• Mason Jars

• DIY Wood Box Centerpiece

• Charcuterie Board Centerpiece

Other fun items to use in your Fall table scape are:

• Acorns

• Pinecones

• Evergreen

• Nuts

• Mums

• Grapes

• Leaves

• Any Fall inspired floral

• Apples

• Pears

• Wood pine discs

Let’s talk colors! Guys listen …I believe you can include any color you desire in your fall design! Who says that you have to use Orange, Red, or Brown. My favorite color in the whole wide world is Teal! I love any and every thing Teal! Having an open floor plan, I like for my color scheme to flow into the next room. So Teal Blue, off White, and Bronze Gold was the look I went for!

I also love these Fall color combos together:

• Mauve, Off White, Pink, & Brown

• Plum, Gold, & Black

• Blue, White, & Orange

• Blue, White, & Pink

• Gold, & White

• Green, Gold, & White

Let’s face it…The possibilities are endless when creating your Fall table scape! Do what you like, do what you love, do what makes you happy! I hope you are inspired!

Talk to you soon.. Lah Lah!

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