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Mason Jar Decor for under $15!

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Hi guys! I just love Mason jars. There are so many fun ways to utilize, and style them! I wanted a unique utensil holder that stood out in my kitchen. It's pretty difficult to find rustic sea "blueish" kitchen decor in stores, or even online for that matter. So... I decided to do a fun DIY project that literally took me under 10 mins. The best part is, I only spent about $15 bucks! How awesome is that!

Below is a list of items you will need to complete this project:

* All items can be purchased at your local craft stores

2~ Mason jars (1 medium *wide mouth, 1 large * wide mouth )

got mine from Hobby Lobby for 50%, or you can use a 40% off coupon which Hobby Lobby has available weekly online

1~ Spool of Twine (can be purchased at your local dollar store)

1~ Small paint brush (can be purchased at your local dollar, craft, or hardware store)

1~ 2 ounce Chalk paint (can also be purchased at almost any craft store, or Walmart for $2)

1~ bunch of Silk or fresh flowers (flowers in pic are silk and purchased from Hobby Lobby)

1~Variety pack of kitchen utensils (I already had these in my home which I purchased from Target)

1~Sheet of Sand paper or pad (80 grit)

Items from home:

Paper towel

Rubbing alcohol

Cotton balls or you can substitute and use an old clean cloth and dish liquid

* Pic below shows 6 jars as I completed two projects at once.

Hope I didn't confuse ya :-)


1. Clean/wipe mason jars with rubbing alcohol or dish liquid. Towel dry

2. Open paint and stir with your paint brush for about 30 seconds.

4. Apply one coat of paint to both jars covering the entire jar (you do not need to paint the bottom of the jar)

5. Place jars on clean paper towel and let dry for 1 hour.

6. Apply 2nd coat and let dry for another hour.

7. Once jars have completely dried, distress with sand paper by gently rubbing the paper/pad against the jar. Do this in multiple sections not to completely remove the paint but to achieve a distressed look.

8. Cut twine long enough to wrap around the jar opening 3-5 times, make a bow.

9. Add flowers and utensils.

Lah Lah 😉

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