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New week! New Goals! Who Dis?

So how did your first week of the New Year go guys? I can say mine was mehhh.

Not my best but certainly not my worst. My goal is to get better at what I do and what I want to accomplish everyday. I planned to get up at 6:00am everyday last week..that didn’t happen until day 5 (Friday) 🤪 Even though I felt like I failed myself those first 4 days of the week, I needed to remind myself that I’m human and that it’s ok to have an off day, or even an off week but don’t make that a habit. On a positive note I did do better last week then I did the week before! I slept in every day because the kids where on winter break and got nothing accomplished on my to-do list, so kudos to me! 2020 I learned so much about myself, my strengths, my weaknesses, the ups and the downs of running a small shop and building a brand. My patience was tested many times as I tried to figure out how to balance entrepreneurship and virtual learning with 2 little ones (not easy y’all). So here’s what I’m focusing on this year and I’m praying this works for me and maybe it can help you too!

  • Change my default behavior (ok so like I was saying...Having an off day or even a week, that’s normally my default habit...NOOOOooo!!!) I need to change that. I have more off days than I do great days (in regards to entrepreneurship). I had one full productive day last week. The goal is to switch that around this week! I’m 1 and 0 so far so if I can keep this habit up for at least one more day, I’ve done better than I did last week and even more better than the week before!!! Do you see where I'm going with this?

  • Make a schedule and stick to it (Plan ahead! My daughter got me a planner and dry erase board to get me in order!...Can you say lifesaver!!!)

  • Discipline Discipline Discipline (guys if I could stay disciplined anything is possible!)

  • Stay consistent ( This is a tuff one but I've seen what staying consistent can do, it works!)

  • Take a deep breath and don’t sweat the small stuff. (Am I the only one who gets overwhelmed when things don't go my way?, Why is that, everything will be ok?.. I just literally slapped myself on the forehead..)

  • Take more walks (walk away for a few minutes and get some fresh air, the work will still be there when I get back.

  • Be patience with myself “ Let the process work” (building a brand isn’t easy, life is already tuff enough. Good things come to those who wait and let the process work)

  • Take one day at a time (Stop being in such a rush to get things done. I guess this falls in with being more patience with myself.)

  • Stop being afraid of what other people think

  • Go outside my comfort zone a little and take risk 🤪 ( Ughhhh, is anyone else afraid of rejection? I'm learning to keep asking until I get the answer I want! For someone as proud as myself and terrified of being rejected, this is definitely a risk taker...Im up for the challenge!

  • Stop comparing myself to others (every one shines at different moments, I will shine when it’s my time!) You will hear me say this a lot, comparison is the devil, don't let it get the best of you and get you down.

  • Try to do a little better each day (even if it’s getting up 10 mins earlier than I did yesterday, working out 5 mins longer, drinking 1 more cup of water, I will get there!)

  • Don’t be so hard on myself (Grow from my experiences "good or bad" and learn from my mistakes). I started a shop from scratch and I've cried, Ive screamed, yes I've sweared. But it's ok, it comes with the process. The trick is to not give up!

  • And last but certainly not least, Self Care (Self care Sunday’s,...oh its a real thing in my house now! I plan to grab my self care kit and take some me time (after I'm done chores of course) and not stress over things that are not in my control. Even if things are in my control, I won’t let it get to me for a few hours.)

It was nice chatting with you! Remember not to be so hard on yourself and live your BEST LIFE! Talk to you soon...Lah Lah

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