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4 Budget Hacks I've learned to Save throughout the year!

Hi there friends! Welcome to 2021! It’s that time of the year when the hubby and I sit down and figure out our budget for the year. We discuss home projects, trips, family outings, savings, and all the above. All these things I mentioned are costly necessities for my family and I but can always be rescheduled or postponed due to budgeting or unexpected circumstances. Then there are those inevitable cost, BILLS, Food, Shelter, Self Care, amongst other things. Oh, did I mention BILLS. There are 4 budgeting hacks that I live by and I wanted to share those with you!

Grocery Shop Smarter

Guys when I tell people that I feed a family of 7 every month for under $400 they think I’m pulling their leg 🤪 What’s the most expensive food items you buy at your local grocery store?? Meat, veggies and fresh fruits right? Here’s what you can do.

Buy your meat in bulk ( locate your local butcher and buy your meat in cases) Ditch your local grocery store for your meat as prices are marked up over 70 percent more than a butcher shop . I haven’t bought meat from the grocery store in over 10 years! Friends when I tell you you will save hundreds of dollars buying by the case, try it! Separating and packing the meat into quart sized freezer bags is a must as it saves time on meal prepping.

Invest in a Sams/Cosco/or BJS card (you won’t regret it)

Buying items like fruits, veggies, water, eggs, snacks, and rice, foods that we eat daily, its great to buy these in bulk as you save big in the end! I prep, separate, and freeze our fruit and veggies to keep them fresh longer!

Cook more!

Believe it or not but cooking daily can save you money! We cook 5-6 nights a week and manage to stay on or under budget every month! We have a left over night and do splurge on take out but try to keep it to a minimum.

Auto Pay bills

There is nothing worse than losing track of a bill that needs to be paid. With everything going on in the world, managing my home and kids, I’m always forgetting something. I’ve found that having our bills automatically deducted gives us less to worry about. I say yes to less stress!

Plan ahead and budget for family activities

Every year we like to go on a family trip! We plan a big trip during the summer months and local activities during the year. Even though we will probably spend more time at home this year will still continue to budget for trips and activities.

Open an activity savings account

Once we determine our big trip and get an estimate on the price we set this money aside into a separate account. This account is only utilized for trips and family activities. Since COVID, our family activities consist of movie night, game night, yard games, and nature walks. We visit our local parks as well but not as often as usual. So this year this extra money may go towards a project or maybe a shopping spree!

Don’t compare yourself to others!

This may not seem like a budget life hack but let me explain. Looking at all these beautiful homes online and expensive decor pieces can be tempting to buy things that you don't really need.

Buy what you can afford and when you can afford it!

There are so many home decor items that I want and projects that I want to complete in my home. I have to ask myself this... Am I really trying to put myself in debt because I have no patience to wait for when the time is right for ME?? Who am I trying to impress?? Do I really even like this item or am I buying it because it’s trending and everyone who is anyone has it??

Guys remember these are my own personal budget hacks. They may not work for you as they do me or you may have a better way of doing things. These are simply ideas that Ive learned to help my life a less stressful. Feel free to share with a friend or two who you think these tips can be helpful for!

Talk to you soon...Lah Lah

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