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DIY Beverage Cart makeover with Krylon®

Ok friends, Let’s take this cart and flip it into something beautiful with Krylon Marbelizing Spray Paint!

You ever have an old piece of furniture laying around and thought to yourself 💭 I know exactly what I want to do with this? Well that was me with this old cart you see here.

Using Krylon’s spray paint to give the cart a makeover was a no brainer as my motto is “Spray Paint makes everything so much more beautiful ” 😀 I just needed to decide what color(s) I was going to use and how I was going to sit my beverages and decor on a cart with no shelves 🧐

Then it came to me…a few months ago I used ceramic tile on a DIY side table I did while creating the hydro dipping method with Krylon’s Gold Leaf, and Black spray paints. The tile was so easy to work with and the colors really popped! Oh yes!! I’m definitely doing this again but with a twist 😉

With the holidays right around the corner I thought this was the perfect time to create my beverage cart for my family and friends to enjoy! I knew I wanted this cart to be a little different than my previous projects. Not just your typical spray paint project. So I got started.

First I measured the length and width of the cart where I wanted to place tiles to act as shelves over the racks. I was lucky enough that the space was 24 inches long (the same length as the white tile I was interested in purchasing) The width was a little short but hey I’m supposed to be a pro at this DIY thing..right? …lol. I can make this work 😉

Next I went to my local hardware store and grabbed my supplies. After standing in the spray paint aisle for over 20 minutes (I can’t be the only one who does this 😂) I decided to choose Krylon’s Marbelizing Spray Paint in the color Gold Chiffon (of course I choose my favorite color because who doesn’t love gold 😀) This spray paint was new to me and I was eager to try it because I knew it would be fabulous!

I then gave the cart a good old fashioned scrub down (definitely a work out I might add). Once the cart dried it was time to spray paint!

Now I always keep a can of Krylon Brilliant Metallic Gold Leaf spray paint on hand at all times because never I sprayed the cart concentrating more on the edges because the tile would cover most of the middle. I always let my spray paint projects dry for at least an hour or more, especially on cooler days. (You can always test yourself to see if you need more or less drying time).

Finally here comes the part you’ve been waiting for! Drum roll please 🥁🥁🥁

Yes! I did it!! I used my Marbelizing Spray Paint on the tiles and as I imagined it came out absolutely gorgeous ❤️

So friends this spray paint isn’t like your normal spray paint. I’m so glad I tested it out before I sprayed my tiles. The paint comes out similar to a web design to give it its marble effect. If you press down too hard you may get a little more paint than you anticipated.

Helpful Tips before using

Marbelizing Spray Paint

  • Make sure your surface is clean (you don’t want to have dirt and debris in your new design)

  • Test how you want your design to look. (Test out spray paint on an old box or something you don’t mind making a few errors on)

  • Shake can for at least 2 mins before use.

  • Keep the sprayer about 10 inches from the surface.

  • Spray in sweeping burst, letting spray filaments fall onto surface (It’s not like traditional spray painting so make sure you test out first..I know I said this before but trust me you’ll thank me later 😊)

Once everything was dried I carefully placed the tiles onto the cart and decorated! I absolutely love how my refurbished beverage cart turned out! I’ll definitely be creating this look again with Krylon products!

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