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Crypton Fabrics are our new Shops Faves!

Finding a high performance yet eye-catching fabric can be quite a challenge in the world of home design. As a pillow designer and shop owner, my number one priority to my customers is to provide them with the best fabrics I can find for them to enjoy for years to come. Finally, I've discovered a fabric that is not only beautiful, but durable, easy to clean, and stain resistant! I know what you are thinking, "IMPOSSIBLE", you can't have it all in one. Well friends I'm here to tell you that it is in fact POSSIBLE!

So I put my new fabrics to the test by purposely staining them to see just how easy to clean they are and I was not disappointed! I used a pack of soy sauce for my test.

We all know how difficult it is to remove brown stains from neutral fabrics but I believed in my new fabrics performance. So...I took a deep breath and went for it. I must admit I was quite nervous when I emptied out an entire pack of soy sauce on my ivory colored fabric, Wouldn't you be? But guess what..Once I began to dap my fabric clean I could already see the difference and that my experience would be a success!

After I wiped the excess sauce away, I sprayed my fabric with a mild upholstery cleaner (a mild dish soap and warm water solution will do the trick as well). I then wiped clean with a dry clean rag. It was like magic! My stain was completely gone!

Here I am cleaning in real time.

As you can see this process took me less than a minute to clean up the mess! I thought my eyes were actually deceiving me so I spilled another pack of soy sauce on my fabric just to make sure and repeated the process. I was pleasantly surprised that I received the same results! No more stains!

Check out these amazing benefits of Crypton Home Decor fabrics! Wouldn't you love to have these fabrics in your home for easy care and to save time on cleaning? I know I do!

  • Stain repellant and soil release, makes cleaning that much easier.

  • Releases both oil and based stains

  • No need for harsh chemicals

  • Odor and moisture resistant

Here are quick and easy steps to see Crypton Home Fabric in action

  1. Place your Crypton fabric on a flat surface

  2. Make a mess using household items like red wine, brown gravy, or soy sauce.

  3. Wipe away excess mess using a clean dry rag or paper towel.

  4. Mix a simple soap and water solution or use a mild upholstery/carpet cleaner.

  5. Apply and agitate with your finger or soft bristle brush.

  6. Blot clean with towel.

  7. Rinse thoroughly with water and repeat if needed.

I am overly impressed with my new Crypton fabrics' high performance! Click here to Shop Crypton fabrics!

*This post is sponsored by Joann. May include affiliated links.

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