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Dec. 2020 When the heck did you get here!

Hi guys, it’s been one heck of a year! I don’t need to explain to you what's been happening as we are all pretty much going through the same thing...the uncertainties, balancing home life and work life, wondering when things will ever be normal again, you know, all that good stuff . I’m just glad that this year is almost over and looking forward to a do over.

I wanted to share with you what I’ve been up to the past few months. My plan this year was to try to tackle every room in my home by giving them a complete face lift (on a budget of course). This plan was made long before knowing my kids would be home virtually learning since mid March now. Soooo, I did what I could y’all. I worked on projects between school lunch breaks, weekends, late nights, pretty much the very little free time that I’ve had to spare.

Let’s take a look at the projects I was able to complete over the past few months since we last had a chance to chat.

My dining room!

Finally a space that represents my full design style “Rustic Glam”! I am so in love with how this makeover turned out! Once I received and installed this stunning chandelier from Kichler lighting, I knew exactly how I wanted this space to look. I was able to find a distressed antique pedestal-style table that comfortably seats 4 to 6 people. Just the table I was looking for! I’ve had my eye on these gorgeous phinnaeus beige fabric dining chairs for some time now so they definitely had to be a part of my design. I wanted a dramatic focal point wall so I added a dark metallic wall paper to give the space more texture (check out my DIY wallpaper install video) where I share the install process. Instead of having all chairs around the dining table, I thought it would be fun to add a cozy settee bench to the space! My kids love it!

Let’s discuss the wall art! Any wall piece that's white washed and rustic I’m This three piece medallion wall art was on my list to add to the focal point wall. Breaking up the dark color, I love how these pieces compliment the space! I knew I wanted a mirror incorporated in my design (shown above) and found the perfect circular mirror that tied in great with the medallion wall art.

I was lucky enough to find the exact same rug (smaller size) that is in my formal living room for my dining room area! Having an open floor plan, I wanted the rugs to flow into the next room. How lucky was I that the same rug was still available and on sale!! I tied the rest of the look in with a pillow from my collection, cozy throw, and table decor pieces!

My daughters floors!

Flooring is always such a huge project but I knew this had to be tackled! I installed engineered wood flooring in her room using the glue down technique (check out the video). Her room was the last room in our home that still had installed carpet. Removing all the carpet was the best decision we could have made! With pets and allergies, the air is so much cleaner without the carpets.

Our outdoor oasis!

I’ve been wanting a gazebo foreeeverrr! We just never got around to getting one. I love being outdoors (when it’s warm out) so creating an outdoor space was key for me. Being stuck indoors for most of the year, I needed a space to relax and enjoy outside of the home without going too far. I had the opportunity to partner with Yita Homes and was gifted their 10x13 canopy gazebo for my outdoor space! Soooo.. What’s a gazebo without outdoor furniture and decor pieces. I was able to purchase my 4-piece sofa seating outdoor furniture for 50% off! Extra seating for the kiddos was much needed. I chose a 3-piece knit pouf ottoman set (with a storage table) for an amazing price!

I thought this table top fire pit was the cutest thing ever and had to have it! I decorated the space with pillows from my pillow collection, string lights and lanterns to create the perfect outdoor oasis! My favorite part of the weekend is to come outside under my gazebo and enjoy a glass of wine!

Well friends that concludes my big projects I was able to accomplish this year. Not too shabby. I also did a bunch of fun DIY projects which you can find on my Instagram feed!

Talk to you soon...Lah Lah

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