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Hello May!

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Well guys it's May and we are still in the house. Who's complaining, not me! I've been super busy with home improvement projects that I have been putting off for years. I finally have the time to complete them which makes me super excited! I will admit, it has been pretty challenging to shop for items online versus the stores ( I'm that person in the store that picks up a bunch of items only to put them all back because i can't make up my mind ). I literally have over 20 shopping carts open on my laptop. I have made a commitment to have my dining room and my girls room completed by June 1st, so no procrastinating! So far I am ahead of schedule. I will need to head out to one of my favorite home improvement stores, Lowes to pick of some wood, paint, and trimming. Don't worry friends, I have my mask and gloves ready! Check out what I have in my shopping carts and what I've already added to my home below :-)

Entry Way makeover

I always believe that an entryway should make a statement. Your entryway is the first space you, your family, and your guest see when walking into your home. It should be inviting and tell a story about who you are and what's to come! I added paint, molding, and trim to give this space a new look. The accessories and decor were also a added touch with items I already had in my home. You can check out my entryway DIY video on my Instagram page and a few other DIY projects I've tackled!

Lets talk about this lighting!! I am so excited to have partnered with Maxim Lighting to complete this look! Their Glimmer 6-light Flush Mount lighting was the cherry on top! With all its gorgeous crystals and beveled beading, this stunning piece is perfect for my space and style! You can also check out a few more lighting accessories I've added to my home on the Liketoknowit app.

Girls Bedroom refresh

For my girls room the color is??? You guessed it, PINK!!! Because my youngest girls share a small space, bunked beds were the perfect solution.

Their room got a fresh coat of paint and their bunked beds have been installed. Next I'll be installing new closet doors and lighting. I'm still deciding on bedding and wall art. Their room can get pretty messy with toys, games, books, and activities so storage was key when deciding on a design for this space. I found some cool book shelves on Amazon in hopes to organize the room a little better. I've also shared these looks on my Liketoknowit page.

Dining Room Makeover

My dining room is the next big space on the list to complete. Rustic/Glam will definitely play a large part in the design aesthetic.

I've ordered beige dining room chairs and I am hoping my kids are kind to them. I love farmhouse tables so I'm looking to add one to the space as well. I am so excited for this makeover as my Emile 37 Inch pendant lighting by Kichler Lighting has already been installed! Check back here with me for project updates and don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter for shop offers, blog post, and other good stuff. Lah Lah!

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